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How to Know Your Government

The Hong Kong Government is strong in doing what it believes is best for its citizens. And that strong view is shared by many citizens who live here.

Hong Kong has been ruled by the same government for over two hundred years. This indicates a deep commitment to its democratic ideals and the fundamental freedoms that the people have.

A multitude of people who live here feel that they are starting a business in hongkong as an expat of something much bigger than themselves. Indeed, that feeling of belonging is something that permeates through every aspect of life in Hong Kong.

But what is a Hong Kong citizen? That's a question that's long been asked and debated but it is a question that always have an answer.

It is the people who have elected the Legislative Council (Lego) through an electoral system designed by the Legislative Council itself. The Government appoints the number of Lego members, the number of councillors from each major political group, and the list of candidates for election.

In return for their democratic ideals, Hong Kong citizens are free to elect who they want to represent them, by voting. No groups or parties can dominate, nor any one party to control the vote.

These are some of the special constituencies of the Executive: businesspeople, business organizations, students, legal professionals, retirees, Hong Kong residents of Chinese origin, the elderly, the indigenous population, migrant workers, overseas Chinese nationals, women, disabled persons, Muslims, homosexuals, the youth, the former servicemen, lawyers, non-governmental organizations, civil servants, employees of the state, and any other category of citizens who are eligible.

Hong Kong residents who are not part of one of these special constituencies, are called 'domestic' Hong Kong residents. They do not need to be registered with the government. Hong Kong has many sectors of this special constituency.

One of the sections of the Executive is the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, which is the executive of the national legislature to the offshore incorporations limited hongkongand Many members of the National People's Congress are appointed by the Chinese Communist Party. But their tenure in office is limited to a single five-year term.

The Election Committee of the Legislative Council is an independent body set up by the Hong Kong Government. The Election Committee, in addition to its members chosen by the Executive, also includes representatives of various sectors in Hong Kong society - like trade unions, lab or organizations, voluntary organizations, churches, community organizations, environmentalists, educational institutions, employers, and many more.

The Public Hearing Committee is an independent body which meets regularly to hear appeals from the public about their representation on the legislative or council. Members are appointed by the Legislative Council and not by the Executive.

The formation of the People's Republic of China was a catalyst for Hong Kong to be recognized as a Special Administrative Region, within the meaning of the United Nations General Assembly Resolution which proclaimed the existence of the People's Republic of China, in the context of the dissolution of the former Soviet Union. The inhabitants of Hong Kong have enjoyed full, special, and democratic rights since the establishment of the Hong Kong SAR.